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 I am a professional floral designer and have been for more than 35 years. Designing is not what I do, but what I love.
For many years I worked as a floral designer and wedding consultant in the Chicago Area. I love designing wedding flowers and also have a passion for silk interior designs as well.
After many years of designing and consulting, my husband and I decided to move to the beautiful north woods of Wisconsin. It was here that I took a break from designing and pursued a new dream.  Although I was fortunate enough to pursue two careers in my lifetime, I found myself coming back to my first love. Flowers. So here I am hoping my passion will become part of your dream of a beautiful wedding.

Training and Style
I was formally trained in the art of classic floral design by apprenticing with several very skilled designers. While taking classes may have brought me to my end goal of becoming a designer sooner, I feel training under a skilled master of the art to be more detailed and thorough. It also gave me the opportunity to learn and become skilled in the art of hand wired bouquets. While hand gathered bouquets and those made in bouquet holders have their own beauty, hand wiring allows for a rich and romantic style of bouquet that can be achieved in no other way.  I was fortunate to be trained in this style which is now considered the gold standard of wedding bouquet designing.

Here at Tymbur Ridge Design I am dedicated to bringing you the elegance and romance that only a hand wired bouquet can. This style of bouquet is one of the most romantic and sophisticated styles chosen by brides. All designs here at Tymbur Ridge are made in this tradition, where each flower is individually wired and each stem hand wrapped. This allows for more control in the placement of the flowers and more depth, style and creativity in the final bouquet. Each detail thoughtfully carried out. 

While my specialties are vintage reproduction, vintage designs and Boho/Gypsy styles, there really isn’t any design that I am unable to do.  So please, feel free to contact me with your unique or chosen design.  Usually the only limitations I have are in locating any specific flowers or colors you may be looking for.

I would love to help you design your dream.


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